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swing's Journal
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Date:2004-01-10 18:40

How to cook (by me):

Open Beer
Turn on tunes
Drink beer
Use recipe
If beer is finished @ any point in this process, open another beer and resume recipe
Eat at appropriate time. If it tastes bad, burnt, or anything else - it wont matter because, hopefully, you'll be too drunk to taste it! :-)

Happy Cooking!

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Date:2004-01-02 17:21
Subject:Generation i

yes. generation i. i'm renaming my generation. i think its stupid to be called gen Y. why should we be called gen Y? it has no symbolic reference to us, other than its the next letter that comes after X. gen Xers, i'm sure, dont feel so great about being generalized and characterized by X either, but why do I choose to call us Gen i? there's a reason. and part of it is the fact that you're even reading this post.

we're the first generation to grow up with the internet. and, no, the i doesn't stand for internet. although a little clinton-esque, i have to give him some props for calling it the information age. and we are the information generation. we're the first generation to have all this information at our fingertips. we're the generation who will take the internet to new levels. we're going to continue to expand on the information available to us. we are gen i.

now, its practically impossible to generalize gen i. its also impossible to separate my own sociopolitical views from a generalization, but i'm going to tell you what i think about our generation, here. not all now, not all in the future. probably not all ever. like the baby boom generation, (the last generation who really had a meaningful name) their identity has changed greatly by the political climate (vietnam, civil rights, etc.) throughout the years. so there's no one set defininition on gen i, with the exception of our age. we're younger than gen Xers, we're older than people who dont really have a definition yet. maybe our generation is still being raised? they're definetly not being born. they're another generation in my mind, 20+ years younger than me.

but anyway, there are issues that galvanize our generation - the most recent of which seems to be bushwhacking - which, being a republican (odd for my generation, i know) i can see the humor in it. but i think dubya's policies actually are working.... but thats political. i digress...

anyway... i will make some general observaitons on gen i whenever the feeling is felt.... now, i'm not diggin it. football is on. maybe thats it. pop culture. who knows.... too many thoughts, and too much time to actually convey anything useful???

i haven't a clue, really. its all bunk :-)

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Date:2003-12-30 23:40

no al-quada in iraq?


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Date:2003-12-30 16:22
Mood: awake

ok so I'm desperately in need of some web space, as the straight up LJ just ain't cuttin what i want to do anymore... and my psu space is going away in a week or so!!!


i need cheap webspace. if any of ya'll know of any good hosting stuff out there, i'd 'preciate being in the know :-)

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Date:2003-12-17 21:49


unfortunately, i dont have the right software installed to get my NYC pictures up.... some stupid trial version. dell lied to me. so anyway, you'll have to wait until i get some software to play with pictures. anyway.... so ya'll have to wait :-)

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Date:2003-12-14 20:33
Subject:woo hoo
Mood: tired

ok so after an awesome weekend i think ya'll are deserving.

i went to new york city!

twas incredible. very big. very very big. lots to do there. saw a lot of stuff, far more than i thought i'd see. fao schwarz, the met, wtc site (courtesy lis), lots of midtown, rockafeller center, wall street, empire state (that was an attempt to see the top - never happened as teh line was too long) NYC public library - its huge. the met is bigger. it has a huge temple in the place that the moved from egypt. its amazing. there was so much to do, and not enough time to do it all. saw little italy, chinatown, canal street - astor place. emily and her sis liz took us to this awesome place that had some AMAZING FOOD. i have pictures, and i fortunately got a couple shots that i really liked. i'm going to put them asap, but i'm not taking the time to do it tonight.

oh and i saw the ed sullivan theater and got a dave t-shirt. I HAVE ONE AND YOU DONT NYAH NYAH NYAH! unfortunately i couldn't get tickets. but oh well, next time.

anyway, in the world of politiks and war, we got the bastard. we've finally got him. what should have been done 10+ years ago is finally done and the iraqi people can finally live without fear. its the modern day equivalent to killing hitler. its no different in my mind. yes, we might be occupying iraq - but we'll pull out and have a base there, just like germany today. regardless - its great news.

and even if you didn't support the war, i'd find it hard to find anyone who thinks this is really a bad thing... i mean, i'm all about hearing it - so please let me know if you really think this is a bad thing.

oh and its about time i sound off on the democratic campaign (yes, i'm turning this into a political victory for dubya, cuz i voted for him, and a member of the republican party) but whats up with this? can dean win? now? i dont know. so much can happen between now and then. but we'll see, i suppose. i'm not really educated enough on the campaign...

speaking of the republican party, what the FUCK has gone on at penn state. there's a line between conservativism and blatant racism . i recently wrote a letter (see previous post) supporting the efforts of the penn state college republicans in promoting a conservative voice on the campus. however, this is NOT what i had in mind. this is a disservice to the part and to the rights of americans in general, and i'm appalled that these "student leaders" have not resigned. common sense dictates it. but who knows. its quite frankly rediculous and with the history of jason covener, such intolerance does not surprise me. he has a blog, and id suggest you google it, but it appears to be inactive.

ah well, i'm gonna try to get some of these pics webified... dont know if it'll happen any time soon. anyway. happy reading. hope ya'll are doin the best you can with finals and such (as most people who read this seem to be college students)

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Date:2003-12-07 12:12
Subject:look - if you're gonna read this journal

you might as well just get yourself an online subscription to the new york times.

i'm fucking addicted to this paper

read this shit!

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Date:2003-12-04 08:49
Subject:an insightful look

into the mind of one of the industry's last great innovators


not to mention the superb writing of the times - despite your political views.

posting from work!?!~?!~!? gah! i'm destined to become a slacker ;-)

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Date:2003-12-03 21:58
Subject:ready.. set...

go. actually. no. i'm going. been going for awihle. i'm ready to fail. does this make any sense... (i think this falls under the deep thoughts realm, so i'm giving you fair warning)

no, not really... maybe a little bit. i mean, i think about all the stuff i've done in the last four years, and i've never really failed - at least professionally.. this definetly excludes my love life - which i consider a pretty big disaster - but we'll get into that later...

so anyway, i think i need to be challenged more at work. its easy. rediculously easy and not challenging at all. i need to be challenged. school was challenging, but fun at the same time because it made me think... it made me work - i had the POTENTIAL to fail. i mean, i did in some respects, but i've never grossly failed completely on my own. i'm not being challenged at work, period. it sucks. its mentally taxing just because its boring. its learning politics, which are - um, boring. i want to invent something. i want to build something. i want to do something useful for someone. what i'm doing now? none of that... so i want to do something and screw it up horribly the first time and go back and fix it. i want to be an engineer and learn from my mistakes. is that too much to ask?

i mean, i guess i shouldn't say i've never failed - as my love life is, and for the most part has always been, a disaster. its not like i'm not trying to get better at it. i'd never ask a random girl out before... tried that up here a few times, and been flatly denied and also told, "oh, i'm engaged" a couple times... wtf. there was no ring mind you... but i beleive i've ranted about that before...

so anyway, i need to work on that - but i need to be challenged at work... as aveny has put it

"i have a job. and while a paycheck does hold a certain allure, all in all i find that employment is not nearly as fulfilling as i was lead to believe."

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Date:2003-12-02 19:17
Subject:gobble gobble!

yo yo yo... back from the holiday. took a few days off and now i'm back in detroit rock city.... but about my holiday! twas good to get home. turkey is just a wonderful thing. so... left early afternoon on wed and got home - then it was virtually high school reunion time. went down to the local bar w/some buddies and then it ended up being a high school reunion. ran into tons of people and the place was packed but that was overall pretty cool - ran into the brother of a former friend - that was kinda weird... wasn't sure how to react to that after all the crap w/his sister went down - but it worked out, at least as far as i could tell...

then, after some big time turkey and family chillin on thursday - it was swing the sledgehammer day with dad on friday. had to take out a basketball pole that had rusted out and fallen over due to some recent high winds... so after a few good whacks and a reciprocating saw... life was good. that night went to another friends for a bonfire and had a few beers. had a good time despite the snow falling - and watched emiliy get wasted by drinking a complete bottle of wine. twas hilarious - cuz she didn't get drunk til well after she finished the bottle... absolutely hilarious! saturday got some shopping done for my lil sis and my mom - then chilled and went to a kickass clarks show at carnegie music hall in oakland, where univ of pgh is. it was probably the best set i've ever heard them play - but the acoustics and visibility were so-so... we were on the first balcony - and these dumb ass teeny boppers in the front row stood up and you couldn't see a damn thing. the acoustics were not the greatest either. with everyone singing (as they always do at a clarks show - they've got a hardcore following) you could barely hear their voices. you could hear everything else wonderfully and the drums were a bit too loud... other than that another great show - as to be expected. OH and i almost forgot - this was a rather good bad (don't know what genre they'd be... but good - the guys is from NYC!) ari hest has a pretty amazing voice - and he had the clarks come on stage to do a tears for fears number that has completely evaded me now...

regardless - twas a good show, as they always are. and i took my lil sis along (well, not took her along - but she was allowed to go only b/c i managed to convine my rents that she'd be OK....) anywho... it was pretty awesome break. hopefully i'll have some actual "deep thoughts" at some point in the near future

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Date:2003-11-25 22:01
Subject:east lansing michigan

could also be called east lansing, PA, or state college, MI... whatever you want to call it - you can't find an environment more like Penn State it was quite an experience last weekend - lots of partying, and even more drinking. i can't keep up anymore. not that thats a bad thing... but regardles, i'm outta shape drinking wise. had a blast... probably go again some time. i'm hoping to get to every big ten school in the next couple years :-) :-) :-)

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Date:2003-11-21 18:07
Subject:oh the weekend...

so yeah, who the hell posts on a friday? i do - as i have no life whatsoever... working on this book, reccomended by a friend from psu - oh how i wish i never had left there. it was so easy there. no thinking involved. no effort compared to now. nobody gets it... i dont know how to deal with it - and the book is kind of slow going as of right now. i just keep getting bummed when i read it. i mean, i know people go through this - but getting bummed all over again isn't a good thing. i want some solutions. i guess there's no solution as simple as picking up a book... oh well... maybe i'll go to royal oak tonight - find a new book and just take in some scenery... i gotta do something or i'll go insane... ah well, we'll see...

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Date:2003-11-18 19:05
Subject:poke the liberals!

who hoo! this never happens to me!

poke the liberals at penn state


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Date:2003-11-16 20:25
Subject:might i recommend a book?

yes.. a book... holy shite - a book. you know, those things made of paper - that do not emit light or a warm fuzzy glow? they dont have whirring gears or hard drives either... just to reconnect the rest of you with the primitive world... but you can BUY these online - but i might suggest you actually go out and buy it - as you might meet someone interesting... anyway

kurt vonnegut's breakfast of champions is worth a read

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Date:2003-11-14 16:40
Subject:oops, a typo

lets try this again - thanks amy!

my amazing pictures :-)

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Date:2003-11-14 00:26
Subject:shameless self promotion

ya'll need to check out my pics - they're limited, but i luv my car... anyway - check it out

my pictures

if you dont - i think i'll kick ur ass ;-)

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Date:2003-11-12 22:23
Subject:searching for something

so, on another random eve - i have to take some time to do some serious thought...i generally try not to do too much serious thought - because as ya'll well know, that typically results in a justin meltdown...which, if you've never experienced one - you really dont want to... anyway -

so i had an awesome day at work - and i need to proclaim it. the long and short of it is - i stood up and gave a 20 minute presentation on the spot, and rocked it. it meets our needs for the project. hopefully, hopefully - the project will move forward at least.

so i've been searching lately - for this eternal lyric. why? i dont know. i've always had this facination with music lyrics - it runs in my family. my sisters both do it as well, to some extent at least. regardless - i can't seem to find it. i can't relate to it. so i think im going to be doing some writing of my own - but to write lyrics, one needs music, which in turn, leads to an instrument of ones choosing. this is all very highly logical, engineering type thought - except for this desire to write music.... not really sure - oh wait i was a big band geek in high school - problem is, you can't sing and play alto sax at the same time... which leads me to - yup you guessed it - guitar. for as much as i grew to hate the guitar in college (no thanks to dave repeating the same chord structure over and over and over again for almost 2 years) i feel this need to get out and play - and try to sing... some say i can sing - jen being the only one i know of - but i really can't - but ill do it anwyay and maybe it'll appease this inner wandering of mine, at least once i buy a guitar...

i've decided this self-searching is completely normal. because nobody really knows who they are when they graduate from college. i allowed, and im sure many other college students, allowed my environment define who i was. i was a penn state student. WE ARE PENN STATE. yeah - i was just like everyone else - i wanted to be the biggest psu fan out there - regardless, i loved that school. its easy to do - its such a lovable place.... but now, that im in the "real world" i do NOT want my job to define who i am. its just a part of me. i said that in college to my friends - and htey didn't believe me. as my dad told me, "in america, we tend to identify ourselves with what we do for a living" and there's nothing wrong with that - but there has GOT to be something more to it than that. my grandfather worked into his 70s, and my dad will probably retire in the next 5 years, if not sooner. (he's only 47)....

regardless, they're different people - and i think my dad got it right. he worked on being a dad, not a career CPA, or whatever he wanted to be... its not the goal of life to make money and become accomplished - but it can be a part of it. sure, do i see myself as a high level executive at some point in the future? sure... right now i do at least. but i also want a wife and a family. why? other than i absolutely love kids - i just see it that way... i dont know what she's gonna look like (tho if you're a cute and available and live in detroit - you need to get in touch wiht me ;-)) but i know thats what i want. its just a matter of time at least...

i went back to psu two weekends ago, and found a guy i know engaged to a girl he's known for 3 mos? something like that - anyway, crazy. how can you possibly know a person in 3 mos... i dont think so - but hey, there's always true love, right? sure.. i guess. i always thought it was more work than that - but hey, to each their own. i also found a friend of mine dating this girl, who's bound to graduate and move on, and he's attatched to her at the hip, at least to some degree - i figure he's gonna get hurt, b/c its bound for her to move away - even if he does propose to her, which who knows if he will... i mean, if it makes him happy, go for it - but i think its a little nuts. what am i talking about?!? i do NOT think he's going ot get engaged to this girl - but in teh 36 hours i spent with them (and thats total elapsed time, not time spent) she seemed like a nice, intelligent girl - a hell of a lot smarter than his last girlfriend at least....

and on that subject - what the hell has come over me. when did i go girl crazy? i asked a girl out that whos name i barely knew on the weekend? of course, she ended up being engaged - but seriously - i dont do those kind of things, do i? i guess i hvae to to get over htis whole "fear" bullshit i keep putting myself through - girls aren't going to bite, at least not hard ;-)

ah well - i've had enough thoughts tonight... if i use them all, i wont have any for later :-) :-) :-) talk to ya'll soon

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Date:2003-11-11 17:54
Mood: contemplative

whoah - so im trying to use a client instead of the webified pos... so im testing...

and why aren't you visiting kellen?! eh? she says she doesn't know i exist :-P


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Date:2003-11-09 17:43
Subject:my weekend

well.. i tried to be proactive this weekend in dealing with my not-knowing-anyone-ness... it wasn't too effective. but if everything worked the first time, we'd have a lot more children running around now wouldn't we?

so anyway, my approach. as i'm leaving work on friday, one of my coworkers whos also a penn state alum tells me "the football game watching thing is usually fun, you should go" so i do - also on the advice of other fellow recent grads (we cant be alums, that makes us sound Old)... so i go... well, it made the people at work look young. a pair of retirees, a family, and one guy in his 30s, but he's a VP or something in the org... who knows... so that didn't exactly provide a lot of the types of new people i was hoping to meet. but at least i tried??

so on sunday, after cleaning my apt up (i hate cleaning!) i decide to finally go buy a tv stand... mind you, i should preface this with the fact that almost every girl i meet is somehow in a relationship... it doesn't matter how cute or how well we get along or anything, she's always got a boyfriend/fiance/husband (not that i would go there!) but regardless, i've learned to watch for rings.

so i go to pier1 - as i can't find a decent tv stand anywhere online - and i go to buy this one. this very cute strawberry blonde is helping me out (no ring, mind you) so i ask her out after talking to her for a bit... of course, i get the, "oh gee, i can't - i'm engaged" line. do i just attract them? what? how do i always manage to find these ones?!? basically -WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!??!?

so anyway - i've made some efforts in trying to meet new people.. oh i also saw something new - a stretch hummer limo... with rear wheel drive. the driveshaft must have been 15 feet long. i bet that thing gets 2 mpg!!! ahh well.. thats all the news thats fit to print. oh, check out St. Kellen's website as she is the bomb

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Date:2003-11-05 22:35
Subject:its been another long time...

so, i suppose i could live vicariously through this journal... or something - but life is rather dull and boring. im gonna try to use it to kind of express my thoughts on "useful" things and avoid this as a wlog... or a whine log :-) thought i think a wine log would be better served :-)

anyway... so why is it that we watch movies, or even tv, or sports? i've been thinking about this lately, and - like i said, its because we as a people, dont have those skills - so we live vicariously through them. easy enough, right? its pretty simple. i mean, its been said on sportscenter and every other major network out there... but still, we continue to watch, regardless of season, schedule, time.

we "take time out of our lives" to do these things - but others live for it. they absolutely cannot live without the media feed... its easy to get warped into... i'm not entirely sure why, yet... but i'll explore it further some other time in the near future.

another thought i'd like to touch on is independence - and not in a political sense... when you move out of college, and my fellow "gen Yers" will agree - you think you're completely independent. specifically, if you move away from home - and im talking to a completely different city. my friends from penn state know exactly what im talking about here... its different, independence, that is. its great. you have your own stuff, your own apartment - and not some trashy college apartment. its your stuff. its all yours. its nice. same with your car (if you bought one)...

but anyway - its all great. i mean, stuff is nice, but its just stuff. it doesn't realy give anything back. people - now thats the stuff of life. so when you move away, and you dont know a soul... its kinda tough. im not whining - im just saying, there's not a lot to look foreward to at the end of the day, at least not yet...

when you're in college - you either know, or you learn, how to meet people. i was of the latter - but once i figured it out, it was really awesome. regardless - now im in the right mindset to meet people - but there's nary a soul out here. its not that they're not out here, im just not sure how to meet them. its not like college where there are tons of clubs and people around.

anyway - im starting to whine... and its time for bed. if ya'll know what im feelin... hit me up w/an email... jdt141 AT psu.edu thx and goodnight

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